“I highly recommend Tyler! I’ve worked with a lot of freelancers over the years and he stands out as one of the very best. I look forward to working with Tyler in the future.

“On several occasions, Tyler was willing to schedule calls around our schedule to best serve the audit deadlines. From our experience with him, I can definitely tell that he has extensive experience as both an small business auditor and practitioner. This was especially helpful as startup CFO who is building out the financial and internal operations of the company. After the audit, Tyler and I had some very constructive conversations that will aid in our operations as we continue to scale operations and grow into a larger business. Highly recommended!

“Tyler’s experience in helping review financials for acquisitions was absolutely helpful and I’d be happy to hire him again in the future.”

“Was flexible with a deadline that moved, and patience as I was not always quick to respond to questions. Provided reviewed statements by the adjusted deadline and added value through thorough review of financials and queries made to resolve issues that would otherwise have been overlooked.”

“Tyler is very friendly and easy to work with. He is always on time and very cooperative and very caring. He is very knowledgeable and has a deep understanding of accounting. It was very easy for me to find him. He is excellent at communicating and understanding his client.”

“Tyler is very knowledgeable and very friendly and caring. I would love to work with him again.”

“Already planning next work with Tyler.”

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